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Training & Skills

I obtained my BA in Theatre Arts from the University of Minnesota before going on to practical training at the Guildford School of Acting in Surrey, England. My skills are varied with strong ability in Shakespeare, Improvisation, Farce Comedy and American Realism.

I have received my advanced level of stage combat with the Academy of Performance Combat. I have shown great proficiency with Single Sword, Hand to Hand, Bo Staff, Knife, Sword & Shield, and Broadsword. 

Accents include *General American, British RP, Northern & Southern Irish, Glaswegian Scottish.


Personal Background

     I started acting at the age of 9 years old in a production of Cinderella. Ever since, I had a passion for performing. Throughout high school, I performed in Speech tournaments breaking both school and state records scoring in the areas of Drama, Prose, Reader's Theatre, & Duologues. 

     At the start of college, I experienced my first ever improvisation show by a regionally well known campus troupe performing for my freshman orientation. Two years, and a lot of hard work later, I would be a co-chair of the same troupe. While studying Theatre, I received 2 Irene Ryan Nominations. The first of was for my portrayal of real life poet Rufus Griswold in a production of A Midnight Dreary by Scott Dixon. The second nomination was for Bottom in A Midsummer Night's Dream by none other than William Shakespeare.  

     Other productions and roles can be seen on my resume at the bottom of the page!


Current Projects

This winter I am currently working on a web sketch series premiering early 2020. There will be 6-7 episodes released with the possibility of more to follow. My involvement includes both writing and performing in.(More details to follow)

Fight reel is available both on this website and my YouTube account - check it out!

I'm actively working on fight training and looking forward to future jobs involving combat work.

Knife Fight video

Knife fight filmed by Combat Works starring Brennan Bassett & Lily Grace

Staff Fight Video

Staff fight starring Brennan Bassett & Lea Pedersen. Filmed by CombatWorks.

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Brennan Bassett